Final Fantasy 7, can you keep Aeris from death??

Sephiroth the Great A. Jay Delaney Print out: If the FAQ seems a bit sloppy right now, well, it is based on the Japanese FAQ so it’ll take a revision or two to get everything into shape, as this is a big file: For those of you who don’t know, there are three versions of FF7. The first one is the original Japanese game. The second is the English-text release you’ve probably popped into your PlayStation just now. The third version is the pending Japanese re-release, which is just like the one you’re playing, but with Japanese text: Since the combined size of both documents stands at , ub, I think you’ll be able to find just about whatever you’re looking for in one part or another. If you want a FAQ for the Japanese re-release, then I suggest you check out that FAQ, too, but refer to this one if you want information on new things added to the game, like the Weapon monster scenarios. Please don’t ask me to send you a copy of either FAQ because I don’t have the time to send them out to everyone who asks, and secondly, this isn’t my e-mail address.

Final Fantasy 7 – Aerith Theme Piano by Ray Mak

Talking to a woman in Kalm, who says Mako energy is convenient: The cabinet next to the two beds on the second floor of the house contains another Ether. Enter the third house furthest on the right.

Aeris. Dating Aeris is easy, as she has the highest starting affinity of all, by far. However, Tifa can be a threat to this date if you are not careful.

With the exception of Tifa, I have burned that to a DVD which I watch every night and then lay there fantasizing about Tifa coming to Cloud’s room once more saying she was lonely and cold and that is just a recipe for some red hot lovin’. I then put on my robe and wizard hat over the Cloud Strife wig I’ve personally styled and then gaze up at the Tifa wall scroll conveniently placed above my bed and masturb–I mean uh what–Oh look at that there’s more to this reply better keep reading and just ignore that bit you just read there.

All horseplay aside, dating Aeris was a given, Tifa required little effort, Yuffie a bit more, you see she was underage and being a ninja was a bit harder to catch–ok I just cannot take this topic seriously any more than the fact that dating Barret is even option. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Cloud however optional had to bathe in a small tub with 10 other guys in order to obtain items to crossdress for the sake of saving Tifa.

In which instance it’s a possibility for Cloud to be chosen by the Don and then continuing this trend of debauchery let you almost kiss Don Cornholeo. Where does it end? They’ve satisfied the Yaoi fans, why stop there? Why not skip to a lustful scene of what sexual acts Tifa and Aeris are actually engaging in. Maybe Tifa is getting turned into a block of swiss cheese by all of Don’s little lackeys and their funlogs meanwhile Aeris is left alone to play with her bajingo and then to keep the Yuri fans from storming off since Aeris and Tifa obviously haven’t had been vitiated enough nor had their gluttonous fill of intimacy yet give them a lesbian scene.

Zack Wasn’t Actually Aeris’s Boyfriend in the Japanese Version of Final Fantasy VII

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Dec 09,  · For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, Gold Saucer Date Guide by TFergusson%(20).

Ultima Weapon – To get this you need to defeat the Ultimate Weapon. It is the dragon-like creature flying around the sky. If you ram the highwind into him you will have a battle before he runs away. Repeat this process until he rests over Cosmo Canyon and then you will have a final battle with him. He drops the Ultima Weapon as your reward.

It’s worth noting that the Ultima Weapon scales with Cloud’s health. The man that used to stare at the rocket will give you this if you speak to him 3 times. Here’s a nifty formula to work it out: Limited Moon – Bugenhagen will give you this before you take off to drop in on Midgar. But you can get this any time in Disc 3 otherwise.

Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis goes to the PSP

Ted Woolsey, who produced the largely stellar translation for Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy III in the US was unavailable for the project, so to save time and money the translation for the seventh installation was performed in-house by the development team. This famously led to some mixed results, like this sick fellow in the Midgar slums: Try to imagine the likes of Troy Baker or Nolan North reading this one out loud: Maybe if they got someone like Terry Crews to do the voice acting: Sit your ass down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!

Not only that, but it gives us some rare and precious plot advancement downtime with three of the core heroes, bickering and back-biting like most of us would when exhausted and running on empty.

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From the moment it was announced, it received a steady stream of coverage in gaming magazines. But curiously, one aspect of the game has largely gone unnoticed. Although it was never advertised on the box, Final Fantasy VII actually contains some light dating sim mechanics. Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, and Barret. Aeris starts out with a whopping 50 points, giving her a clear advantage.

Tifa has 30 points, Yuffie has 10, and Barret has no points at all. At various points in the game, the player is able to choose how Cloud responds to various questions and statements. His answers have the potential to raise or lower points with all four characters. If Cloud opts to give a flower to Marlene, he gains 5 points with Barret.

If he orders a hard drink at the 7th Heaven Bar, he gets 5 points with Tifa. Aeris likes it when Cloud talks to her before the other girls, and Yuffie likes it when Cloud answers her questions correctly. Ignoring a character — or expressing interest in someone else — can cost you points with all four characters.

Full Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough – Guide for Final Fantasy 7

Turtles Paradise Flyer No. After more dialog, you’ll be able to control Cloud again, so keep on talking to her, and some people from Shinra show up. You’ll get to another screen eventually. Note that Aeris is in the back row.

Aerith Gainsborough, alternately known with the first name Aeris, is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII and a major character in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII; appearing in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-and Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Aerith is the last of the Cetra, an ancient race with powerful magical abilities, and so the Shinra Race: Half-Cetra.

Barret Aeris Dating Aeris is easy, as she has the highest starting affinity of all, by far. However, Tifa can be a threat to this date if you are not careful. General Guidelines When you have to create a party, always take Aeris and always leave Tifa aside except when you don’t have a choice, at the early stages of the game. This alone should make it so that Aeris is chosen, but it doesn’t hurt to overdo it, so read on. When given the choice, always talk to or think about Aeris first.

Whenever asked about your feelings towards Tifa and Aeris, always lean towards Aeris for example, when Aeris asks you if Tifa is your girlfriend, select the answer “No way! Specific Actions When you are on the train to blow up the second reactor, get yourself caught by the security lockdown. During the escape from the Church, when Aeris is alone against the guards, save her so that she needn’t fight at all.

Final Fantasy VII Contains a Secret Dating Sim

Everybody makes it out of the exploding reactor relatively unscathed, except for Pooping will now be a trial! Barret doesn’t think Cloud will be okay, on account that he pisses people off easily. Immediately after, Wedge wonders how pissed Cloud would be if he makes it. If his obnoxious tone is any indication he probably heard Wedge say that, too. Barret tells how to handle people there in the bar Barret:

Final Fantasy VII 7 Extra Knights ” Aerith Aeris Action Figure BanDai. At a certain point johannesburg dating clubs in the game. Finally, you can do the ultimate (clean) fantasy – you can date Yuffie!

When released, Final Fantasy VII was, if nothing else, something new under the role-playing game sun. It was a gamble for Square: They backed up the already-large production budget with the most extensive advertising campaign featuring ads in such mainstream venues as Rolling Stone, MTV, and even Playboy. Fortunately, the gamble paid off: Critics inveighed against every aspect of the game, from the sample quality of the music to the occasionally dodgy translation to, sometimes, the graphic brilliance.

It wasn’t a perfect game by any standards, but it remains one of the most important for several reasons.

Final Fantasy 7 ~ 05-GP “Gold Saucer Date: Aerith” [HD]

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