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Tuesday, June 24, Drillium Style There was a time when, in the quest to shave every last gram from a bike, riders took a drill bit to any component they could — turning solid shiny metal into shavings and air. The practice took on the name “drillium” as a bit of word play, as in aluminum, titanium, unobtanium, and drillium. Many people think of the s as the “drillium decade,” but the practice actually started long before, and continued long after — even through today. A heavily drilled pair of handlebars from one of Alf Engers’ bikes. Engers inspired a number of British cyclists to adopt the practice as well, as reducing a bicycle’s weight was believed to be the best advantage for time trials — at least in the days before the introduction of aerodynamic tricks. Eddy Merckx in yellow. Note the drillium front brake.

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Zeus Note, this article was originally written in , and the pricing info has not been updated, so don’t take the price info as being up to date. Pricing If there is one notable feature to the vintage lightweight racing bicycle market it is the variability of prices. Often, that is the result of a lack of market information. If somebody were to call a few people who deal in vintage lightweights, or perhaps ask a VRBN subscriber, then they would have a reasonable amount of market knowledge.

Instead, many buyers and sellers enter the market only once – i. In such a circumstance, the price it is advertised at may be far below current market levels.

Feb 15,  · Classic Components: Campagnolo Record Hubs The first Campagnolo components I ever bought were a pair of Record hubs. At the time I bought them, they were probably about 10 years old, but they were brand new, perfect in their faded yellow box with the Campagnolo script logo on the top and World Champion rainbow stripes.

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At Pinkerton Classic Cycles we have vast experience in the Repair, Restoration and Preservation of all types of bicycles, historic, antique, vintage or modern. Bespoke Frame Building, Wheel Building and a specialist bicycle hire service are also provided. Having worked on most of the major framesets, we understand how they were constructed… With over 35 years knowledge of all designs of cycles from through to , we can bring most frames or cycles back to a rideable condition.

Using our extensive library of original catalogues, we can repair or build frames to your specification using authentic lugs and tubing, whilst incorporating modern improvement. Having worked on most of the major framesets, we understand how they were constructed and are able to replace damaged tubes without destroying the workmanship of the original maker.

An additional service is to take a cherished frame and re-size it to your geometry, or upgrade it with modern braze-ons.

The Fakes. Firstly, I have only seen ‘fakes” in the earlier versions of Colnago’s, I suppose it would be difficult to fake a Lux Dream with the over sized crimped tubes or a C50 Superlight where you can see the quality of the carbon used in the weave pattern.

Builder Profile Builder Statement: Brief History Mercian Cycles began as a cycle shop in Derby in At Mercian we are proud of the history and traditional frame-building methods still used today. We keep frame records dating back to the ‘s which are often referred back to when owners want to trace the beginnings of their Mercian frame, as well as for subsequent frame orders for customers wanting exactly the same geometry and size that they have had before. Follow this link for a more complete history Custom sizing Customers visiting our showroom to order a frame are sat upon a specially designed jig where skill, time and patience ensure a correct frame size and design – tailored to match the intended use of the cycle or frameset.

The components to be used also play an important part of the frame order process, our framebuilders use the same model of component whilst building the frame to ensure that the finished frameset is built to suit you, your equipment and your cycling style. All of these minor details make sure that the complete cycle is the very best it can be. Large selection of frames and complete bikes always in stock at our Alvaston showroom Craftsmanship From the first stage of taking your order to the final clear lacquer paint finish – each member of the Mercian team is committed to service to you, as well as the production of a high quality product.

We all have passion for the lightweight and sleek machines that Mercian Cycles produce and with over years experience between the 9 team members – you can rely on their guidance, skill and expertise to produce the frame you really want. At Mercian’s frame-building workshop there are no production lines. The method of building our frames has barely altered since the very beginning of Mercian Cycles. It really is a very traditional environment – looking back to the very best methods of hand-made quality.

The frame order is passed to the framebuilder, who builds the frame from start to finish. With great skill and incredible patience he begins by preparing the lugs – drilling and filing, by hand, the cut-outs and intricate designs which make Mercian frames distinctive and beautiful.

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Provenance of Beowulf ms. The author of Beowulf is unknown, as is the exact date of the composition of the poem. In its present form, Beowulf was possibly composed as early as the seventh century or as late as This codex is a composite codex assembled in the first half of the 17th century, itself consisting of two Old English codices: The Southwick Codex again, itself almost definitely a composite codex contains the four prose items: The Nowell Codex contains the five items:

The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry (RMLY), a TA unit dating back to which has squadrons based in Dudley, Telford, Chester, Wigan and Hereford is to be axed in a major shake-up of.

The community is mainly centred in the district of Hightown, and the community hold an annual carnival through the town centre. A Polish community exists in the town with a number of Polish supermarkets and restaurants in the town centre. Wrexham hosted the National Eisteddfod in , , and , as well as an unofficial National Eisteddfod event in The National Eisteddfod returned to the area in , when Wales’ leading festival was held on the land of Lower Berse Farm between 30 July and 6 August.

There is a multi-screen Odeon cinema in the Eagles Meadow development. The scene is dominated by local bands and the town has become known for the rock, indie and alternative genres. Some international artists perform in the larger venues of Central Station or the William Aston Hall. Central Station is a club with a capacity of approximately , attracting touring bands. Since its opening in the venue has played host to several internationally famous acts.

An online news website covering the Wrexham area, Wrexham. Bellevue Park was built alongside the old cemetery on Ruabon Road. The park was designed to commemorate the jubilee year of the incorporation of Wrexham. It became neglected during the s and many of the amenities were in a poor state of repair.

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The forks are a pleasing weight, and very good quality, they have a lovely feel. The forks are engraved with an interesting family crest, a leopards head with an arrow in its mouth, this is unusually engraved on the back of the forks. We welcome any assistance with identification of the family crest. The spoon has the traditional measuring spoon shape, with circular spherical bowl and long flat handle.

Swanger History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms. had become king, appointed to an earldom that was partly Mercian and partly West-Saxon, for it included Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Somerset. ” The spellings of Scottish names dating from the medieval era often bear little resemblance to those seen today.

Click here to order the Montreal pictorial book from Amazon Spain Which book? The dream car that came true ISBN is a page introductory pictorial tribute to the Montreal with over illustrations. It is a non-technical coffee-table type of book. The book has now sold out, but copies are still available from Amazon and some other booksellers. Cozzi, Car and Driver “La sportiva di classe che parla al futuro” – Alfa Romeo, “Riding that fine line between sports car and grand tourer, the Montreal is one of the most desirable Alfa Romeos ever made” – Motor Trend Classic, Let this main page KB load fully into your RAM cache before clicking on the links.

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The latter is inscribed with a quote from Numbers This text is also found with slightly different wording in Vulgate Psalm The public display of writing is therefore highly relevant in a consideration of the book culture of the period, and entails looking at inscriptions too, and vice versa. A similarly protective invocation is to be found on the eighth-century Coppergate helmet from York.

Religious endorsement of ‘just war’ was evidently valued by Anglo-Saxon Christian warriors, and there was often a clerical presence on the battlefield, with relics carried into combat to ensure victory.

The same frame was painted a dark purple, equipped with full Campy SR, and sold as the Ultima. And the same frame was painted cream color (known as champagne), equipped with Campy’s NR, and sold as the Superleicht.

Sightseeing Sightseeing in Murcia On the Spanish coast, Murcia is a beautiful destination for sightseeing as well as sunbathing. You can visit a range of great places from the relaxing Costa Calida “the warm coast” , with beautiful sandy beaches, to Mar Menor. This is the worlds’ largest salt-water lagoon and said to be 5 degrees warmer than the sea! There are many fantastic watersports to try out here including sailing and windsurfing. If watersports don’t ‘float your boat’ then why not try out the cycling Murcia is a great mix of the old and new with a modern city full of shops, cafes and bars.

La Traperia has some of the best stores if you fancy some holiday shopping as well as a range of fantastic restaurants to eat out in the evening. You could try your luck at Murcia’s Casino also found along this main street. A popular place to visit is the 18th century square La Glorieta situated in the centre of Murcia and the magnificent architecture of the Cathedral of Santa Maria always attracts visitors.

The Museum de la Ciudad featuring historical artifacts of Murcia is worth a visit, as is the Museo de la Ciencia y el Agua which has interactive exhibits. Activities Fun Seekers in Murcia Beautiful sandy beaches, the world’s largest salt-water lagoon and waterports like sailing and windsurfing are all good reasons for visting Murcia. Castillicos Beach is popular with young people whether you want to bask in the sun or get involved in watersports at the nearby harbour of Tomas Mestre.

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See Scandza for details of Scandinavia’s political fragmentation in the 6th century. The events in the poem take place over most of the sixth century, after the Anglo-Saxons had started migrating to England and before the beginning of the seventh century, a time when the Anglo-Saxons were either newly arrived or were still in close contact with their Germanic kinsmen in Northern Germany and southern Scandinavia.

The poem may have been brought to England by people of Geatish origins. Though Beowulf himself is not mentioned in any other Anglo-Saxon manuscript, [10] scholars generally agree that many of the other figures referred to in Beowulf also appear in Scandinavian sources. Specific works are designated in the following section. The dating of the events in the epic poem has been confirmed by archaeological excavations of the barrows in Uppland , Sweden, indicated by Snorri Sturluson and by Swedish tradition as the graves of Ohthere dated to c.

Vintage mercian ds s campagnolo large size Reynolds steel tubes, english thread bottom bracket shell, campagnolo front and rear drop outs. wrap over seat stay with paint detail.

Please contact me at: He opened his first shop in the mid s and whilst riding as a pro had learnt some framebuilding from the fabbled Harry Quinn. He went to learn the trade properly from Terry Dolan in the mid 80s before setting his framebuilding business up in This frame but from Reynolds C dates I think from the late s and is really a rather nicely built road frame. I do not think he ever built his own frames — I have seen frames with his shop decals built by Rick Powell and others from Raleigh.

I think its from —77 judging by the early type Campag dropouts, lugs, brake fixings and braze-ons.

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He had joined the British Army in November and, after successfully completing infantry training, was posted to The 1st Battalion, The Mercian Regiment in September. Soldiers had been taking part in a gruelling three mile run through the heart of the North Yorkshire moors. File picture The death comes weeks after the deaths of three soldiers during an SAS training exercise in the Brecon Beacons.

However, the Met Office said the temperature in the Leyburn area at the time of the latest death was 17C and there had been a light breeze.

Nov 25,  · I was more interested in the frame and BB numbers for dating, but it made sense to collect the other information at the same time. Types of bicycle are described as accurately as I can from the text, if you have a better identification, again, let me know.

Establishment of the Palace and Deer Park[ edit ] Medieval beast-head discovered at the site in The establishment of the King’s Houses was linked to Clipstone’s location in the heart of the royal forest of Sherwood. In the medieval period a forest was a defined geographic area subject to the forest law brought to England by the Normans.

The law protected beasts of the chase, primarily deer, for the king. It also protected the woodland that formed their habitat. Forest law was enforced over the land regardless of who owned it. In the 13th century the forest stretched from the River Trent in the south to the River Meden in the north, and from Wellow in the east to Sutton-in-Ashfield to the west.

In the 12th century it may have covered all of Nottinghamshire north and west of the Trent. A reference to the forest in Nottinghamshire made in early in the reign of Henry II — points to there being a forest in the reign of Henry I — , however a dispute over the keepership of the forest in the early 13th century suggests a forest in Nottinghamshire dating back to the reign of William I. Sherwood Forest was therefore well established by

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