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Here are some more pictures of an original CarterFone click to see a bigger version: He says his is an acoustic coupler with a twist, a bar that both opens the line and dials the number. A standard set is placed in a tray, and a bar goes over the switchhook cradle. The mobile user had a telephone dial that pulsed a tone, this pulsed the bar and thus dialed the number. The radios were half-duplex, this is to say, you could talk or listen, one or the other. The middle page includes a picture of an IMTS type phone sitting on the “hump” by the front seat of a Cadillac RCCs usually also offered pager beeper service, before the Phone Companies got into it.. In the ’60s through the ’70’s an acoustic coupler was often used for data usually baud, per Ed Cummings , by placing a regular telephone’s handset into rubber cups the acoustic coupler. Beeps from the other end of the line would be changed into serial data going into some kind of computer.

The Delta Vintage Project – Part One: Serial Numbers

Note the indistinct ‘rib’ across the bottom at the rear, also found on very early 2 inch lever caps see above. Other factors such as military marks, boxes, penciled prices compared to price lists and Woden plane instructions WPI , have assisted in confirming these dating periods. Early and mid dated planes were packed in L1 boxes and later planes in L2 boxes see packaging below.

These labels have been found on both L1 and L2 boxes.

This site lists antique hand farm tools (used mainly in England, Wales and Scotland) collected by P. C. Dorrington between and

Various amputation saws from pre- and post- Civil War sets for comparison c. Note the pistol trigger style, which is very European. This is one of the earliest Tiemann style of saw. Note the hook on the handle of the saw. Similar to English styles of the period. Knife blade of top knife is curved down, blunt tipped and the handles are large and heavy.

Similar to English and French styles of the period. Knife blades are curved down, with blunt tips, handles are heavy and large. Note the split butt of the saw handle. The knife blades are down curved, blunt tipped, and very heavy handled. Common into the time frame. Note this saw has a brass frame and handle with the split butt handle, but is similar in design to the Rose above.

How to Determine the Age of Antique Furniture

Page 1 — click on any image for larger view. Antique saloon bar came out of Chicago. Back Bar measures 13 feet long. It is a little over 8 feet tall. And is 20 inches wide.

Vintage Advertising Tins. Photo Courtesy of Morphy Auctions If variety truly is the spice of life, then the clever folks collecting advertising tins have it all figured out.

Over the next three months, Schmidt went to as many garage sales and swap meets as possible — 30 or 40, he reckons. One of his stops was the Sky Village swap meet. The day before the contest deadline, he sent the application with a digital image of the pliers to the company. A jury of five company officials — people with engineering or manufacturing backgrounds — reviewed the top 20 entries among more than applicants, and had the top three flown in for personal examination, Barton continued.

A year-old person would be pleased to report the same conditions. Schmidt has returned to Sky Village to share his good fortune with the vendor who sold him the pliers, but the man with his folding tables and old tools was not to be found. Schmidt has been collecting old tools for about three years and has accumulated hundreds and hundreds of mechanical, blacksmithing, stained glass and woodworking tools: I collect toolboxes, too.

They built this country. They were what made America great. For an additional 30 cents, customers could get their pliers nickel-plated, which was the variety Schmidt purchased here. Klein Tools, with headquarters in the north Chicago suburb of Lincolnshire, is a fifth-generation family business started in The pliers are now in a display case of historical tools at the company headquarters.

Antique Boxes and Chests

I’d never, however, given any thought to the collectibles value of hand tools until a chance conversation with a co-worker. Her husband, a relative Newbie to the world of online auctions, had come home one recent Saturday with an old carpenter’s plane, for which he’d paid a few dollars at a yard sale. He immediately listed it on an auction site. Luckily for collectors , a perusal of online auctions would support the contention that there are still many people out there hosting yard or estate sales who do not appreciate the value of their father’s or grandfather’s hand tools and, thus, such “finds” are not all that uncommon.

Stanley planes comprise an especially popular segment of the collectible-tools market. Many of today’s carpenters value old planes for their quality of construction, and for the fine feel and control of the “hands-on” approach versus the use of power tools.

Old Tool Photos mission is to provide a place for woodworkers and tool collectors to view photos of antique tools for research and reference. How it started? The idea for this site came to me when I was trying to find out more about the Stanley 53 spokeshave.

Chisels come in a variety of guises. Bevelled, mortise, gouges, cranked gouges, cranked bevelled, paring, , the list goes on and on. Meaning the blades were forged, ie hammered under heat, and the resulting edges and steel composition reflected that in the quality of the blade and the edge it can hold. And these old chisels really do hold their edge. Put a standard bevel of approximately 25 degrees on them, with a further honed edge, and they are sharp!

There are many different modern varieties of chisel out there now, some of them excellent, like the Lie Nielsen range.

Welcome to DATAMP!

Kouba-Cavallo Associates’ Homepage Do you know when your refrigerator was manufactured? Here is a little help. Below you can discover the year of manufacture of some refrigerator brands produced for the American consumer market.

Originally known as Pittsburgh Equitable Meter and Manufacturing Company, which was created in with the merger of two meter relocated to Brooklyn in About the same time, they purchased the Crescent Machine Co. Also in , Rockwell purchased Delta Manufacturing Co., and made it its Delta Power Tool y thereafter, Delta tools were labeled “Delta Rockwell”.

Adjustable steel sole planes concave or convex surfaces. Identical to the No 20 except has japanned finish. Cast iron, japanned finish. Skewed cutter, used to accurately square up an edge. General purpose bench plane, 9 inches long, 2 inch cutter. Cast iron, japanned finish, rosewood handles.


Antique Railroad Tools Value Guide Railroad tools encompass all sorts of hand tools and accessories used by workers to maintain the buildings, rails, cars, and locomotives that made the railroads run. I include in this category not just traditional tools like hammers or shovels, but also oil cans, pails, supplies for workers, etc. Some images of different tools are shown below, this is not an exhaustive showing and there are other types and objects that do exist.

Values on railroad tools depend on the item and vary significantly. The exception to this are tin cups sometimes known as graniteware because of the beautiful swirls of blue or green usually seen on them. Below are some images of railroad tools:

The side mold seams on most machine-made bottles tend to be finer (narrower and lower) – though sometimes sharper and/or visually distinct than mouth-blown bottle mold seams although many mouth-blown bottles have very thick and distinct seams due to less precise mold construction or fitting.

Welcome to Vintage Saws! Specializing in the sale of vintage, Disston hand saws of all ages and styles. Our mission here at Vintage Saws is to provide the highest quality saws of the 19th and 20th Century to the woodworker and collector alike. All the saws that we sell are newly sharpened, properly set and ready to use right out of the box.

We strive to sell only the finest quality tools and know that you will be pleased with your purchase. Please check back here frequently to view our current inventory as it will change whenever we receive new items. Since all the saws that we sell are antiques, demand often outstrips supply. While the majority of our saws were made by Henry Disston and Sons, we also maintain an inventory of other makers such as Simonds, Atkins, Richardson, Peace, Bishop and several other lesser known makers.

We have saws that will fit the budget of anyone that stops by, from the occasional hobbyist to the high end collector. In addition to selling vintage saws, we also sell the tools to keep them in shape. This includes vintage saws sets, new Sandvik brand files of the proper sizes for saw filing, vintage saw vises, and “How to” kits which includes a saw cut with the tooth pitch and profile of your choice, proper file fitted with handle and complete instructions with illustrations.

Tools for Dating Vintage Costume Jewelry

Due to the features of some pieces it may be necessary to cut a longer length. Military Wire Vicious barbed wire with extraordinary impaling features intended to restrain, contain, and inflict disabling harm on opposing troops. Moonshine Wire Patented wire made without consent or license of the patent owner. Also any wire produced that was never patented.

YUCCA VALLEY — An antique tool collector scored big at Sky Village swap meet. Dan Schmidt of Indio bought a pair of lineman’s pliers for $ He returned the antique tool to the manufacturer.

User Tools These tools have been selected with the user in mind. Most have been cleaned and are ready to use except for sharpening and a final tuning. This we leave for the user, knowing that each woodworker may use a different technique. We try to select tools only in the best condition. User tools are for the most part a repeatable, stock item so it is quite possible that the actual tool offered may already be sold.

Not to worry, we will most likely have an identical tool of similar quality. If any of our tools interest you please note its stock number and review our terms , conditions and how to place an order.

Guide to Collecting Antique Hand Tools

Rathbone’s book Volume One, page Rathbone’s Book Volume One, page A thick heavy wrench with a hammer head. Rathbone’s book page Condition: Rathbone Volume One, page

Vintage and Antique Watch “How to” Information by Renaissance Watch Repair, provides a large amount of info on identifying, dating, evaluating vintage pocket watches Specific Makes or Styles How to identify an original Simon Willard clock by Ben E Fulbright, Adobe Acrobat 23KB.

Antique Utensils Antique Utensils ranging from bread proofing pans to Archimedean egg beaters. We offer nice wire ware items and other utensils including apple peelers and revolving graters. True kitchen collectibles as well as great accent pieces for any room. Here is the first presentation from my upcoming video about antique utensils and Dutch oven cooking. This segment is about antique Dutch ovens and cast iron. Please click on specimen link or image for more photographs or pricing information.

The detail on this container really makes it stand out. You would have to look far and wide to find a specimen that can match this one for quality — it even retains much of its bright tin finish. These pails make excellent storage containers for a chuckbox or in a period camp.

History of the Stanley Tool Company

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